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About Us

The owner of, Andy, has been in the automotive industry for over 15 years in many different rolls.  He started out changing tires at the local tire store with dreams of moving up in the field to be a master technician.  Later, he realized that goal while working at a Honda dealership where he attained Master Certified Honda Technician status after only two years of working on the brand.  His passion for cars drove him to learn as much as he could learn from the best and most seasoned veteran technicians he could find to who were willing to teach him.  After working on Honda vehicles for years, he moved to Mazda where he not only worked on the cars, he trained as a service advisor to learn the art of customer service.  While in training, he had the opportunity to start working as an independent vehicle inspector.  He has been performing vehicle inspections professionally for over 6 years and has a reputation for being thorough, accurate, and professional as well as personable and understanding. At, all inspectors are veterans of the automotive industry and have skills that make them an essential part of your purchasing experience.  At this time, our geographical range extends to the greater Jacksonville, Florida area and southeast Georgia.  We strive to provide the best inspection products in the industry.  Let us help make your next car one that comes with no unpleasant surprises and that you can enjoy without worry.  

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