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Prepurchase Inspection

This type of inspection is good for most cars, trucks, SUVs and vans.  It includes a thorough visual, mechanical, and function inspection as well as a test drive and computer scan to detect stored trouble codes.



Exotic Vehicle Inspection

This inspection is for rare, classic, exotic, or specialty cars.  It is a more time-consuming and detailed process than the standard inspection.  Even greater care must be taken with cars of this caliber.



Motorcycle Inspection

This inspection is to verify and document the condition of motorcycles and three-wheeled vehicles.  Where possible, the vehicles are road tested, but in some cases, this is not possible.  In all cases, the engine is started and transmission is shifted into and out of gear.



Diagnostic Verification

This inspection is to verify the accuracy and validity of a proposed repair before it is completed.  When a large bill is expected, it is better to be sure that the repair will fix the problem and that it is the most efficient repair possible.


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