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Today was the first inspection since the site was founded. The vehicle was a 2012 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Oscar Mike Edition in blue. The customer had no specific notes about the Jeep and so the inspection was a blank slate with no direction. These are my favorite kinds of inspections. I get to find things that someone selling it may not want me to or think I can find. In this case, the selling dealer was very forthcoming with information in the history report after I had demonstrated that I saw repaired panels. The left front door had been replaced, both fenders had been repaired with overspray on the signal lights, and the front bumper had a poorly repaired dent in the left side. Other than the dent in the bumper and the overspray on the signal lamps, the paint was applied well and very few imperfections were present. This was a fun one that reminds me why I love what I do. The buyer should be happy with this Jeep as it was mechanically sound and well maintained.

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